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Mr. Anon contributes the uniqueness of his flow from the mixture of his dirty south east coast roots, and his West Coast Bay Area music experience.


Mr. Anon's love of rap stems from growing up listening to some of the most lethal East and West Coast rap artist in the industry who inspired his dream and desire at an early age. His dream became a reality after one night in the studio where he got the unexpected opportunity to write his life experience and express it through voice and flow, and voila!


Mr. Anon was born. Mr. Anon seeks to entertain his audience with witty poetic rhymes of real world and life experiences. Whether cruisin in the car or gettin “turnt up” in the club Mr. Anon will have you singing, dancing or just kicking back to the enjoyment of his euphoric flow to phat beats.

Contact Info

LABEL |BOOKING |MANAGEMENT Phone: (209) 612-7627

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Mr. Anon has performed at a variety of indoor and outdoor venues for Night Clubs, Sports events, Casinos as well as Military fundraisers for our Veterans and their families.

Studio Recording Work

Anon is currently working on his Forth studio album. The songs that you hear on the Audio playlist below are a few examples of Anon's lyrical diversity and capabilities that you will experience on a live stage.


Sound & Lighting


We prefer an overall natural sound with minimal processing and effects. The vocals are best left without reverberation; maybe a bit of a very short delay on Anon. Lighting can be discussed during sound-check.



Please provide detailed directions in English language two weeks before the date of the show with the complete address of the venue and a telephone contact. We need a safe parking space available for the van close to the venue. Please provide arrival, sound-check and doors-open and on-stage times. The promoter or another person should be at the venue at arrival time.

Food & Drinks
  • 6 meals (meat or fish)

  • minimum 12 bottles of cooled non-carbonated water for stage and backstage

  • minimum 12 liters of other cooled other drinks (juice, beer and coke)

  • 4 cans of red bull

  • Breakfast for 7 persons the morning after the show.


A table of approx. 1.5m length and a small light or some candles for our merchandising in the same room as the show, if possible.




"Chasin Money" - Mr.Anon / J.Divorse / Johnson
"Gone" - Mr.Anon / J.Divorse / Johnson


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