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"U Kno I Gotchu" it conveys Caring, Dedication, Strength, Power and most importantly a person with a Caring Heart. 

More caring hearts is what we need today, from the smallest of the small to the largest of the large, to the weakest and most powerful. 

"U Kno I Gotchu". I'm sure you have said many times before without thinking about it.  It's a timeless  phrase that can touch you in a way that can warm one's heart and even brings on a smile.

"U Kno I Gotchu"  is a song that I dedicate to all Essential Workers, Doctors, Nurses, First Responder's, Health Care Workers, Policemen, Firefighters, Military, and to those whom have ever shared a simple word of kindness. 


All About Me

CEYNN began her singing career as the lead vocalist/songwriter for the Multi-Racial eight member Bay Area Funk/Jazz Ensemble "Say What?!". The Band influences were James Brown, Maceo Parker, Curtis Mayfield, and P-Funk All Stars.

As the lead vocalist of Say What?! CEYNN was described in a San Francisco Bay Guardian article with having a similar vocal style as the "1970's Soul singer Betty Wright and Millie Jackson".

After a brief Hyades CEYNN came back on the music scene singing Cover Tunes for local bands which inspired her to form her own band "CEYNN and the CEYNNsations" performing various genres of music (Jazz, Pop, Neo Soul, R&B, and Originals). With CEYNN’s success promoting and producing her own shows with her band “CEYNN and the CEYNNsations” she founded “CYNN Entertainment”.

Currently known as CEYNN she is recording new music and producing videos.





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